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Putting an attorney on retainer is the typical way business owners get ongoing access to legal support, but that’s not an expense you want to take on right now.

You’ve got plenty of other good uses for your money that you need to prioritize before investing in a long-term attorney-client relationship. Totally understandable!

Still, the more you get acclimated to this whole entrepreneur thing, the more you realize how often you keep bumping into legal issues left and right.

And while you have deep knowledge of your craft and industry, legal stuff tends to throw you for a loop.

You feel lost trying to figure out what you should be doing to protect yourself and your business. 

You scratch your head when you have to decide which legal things to tackle first and where to spend your time & money.

You freeze up whenever you come across a legal topic that you don’t completely understand.

You die a little on the inside every time you hear about something *else* you need to do to stay on the right side of the law.

But what if there was ONE PLACE you could go to demystify all this stuff, get answers to your questions, and feel supported as you wade through the legal morass that every entrepreneur has to deal with? 

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to easy-to-understand legal insight at your fingertips, whenever you needed it, at a price you could afford?

Sounds like you’re ready for The Piña CoLAWda
SM Membership!

We Make Legal DIY-ing As Stress-Free As A Day At The Beach

How It Works

Our membership is curated to cover the top legal issues every new service-based entrepreneur faces when getting an online business off the ground.

We’ve included just the essentials, no fluff – because we know your time is precious & you’d rather be doing anything else besides dealing with legal stuff.  

So in your first year of the membership, we’ll teach you about what you should focus on month-by-month so you can get the info you need – without feeling overwhelmed.

We’re all about self-paced learning that suits your schedule, so we’ll drip content to you that you can go through at your convenience.

And just like making any good piña colada has 4 basic steps, the The Piña CoLAWdaSM Membership is broken down into 4 main sections.


The first thing you’ll need to do is gather all the ingredients to make your drink. 

In these first 3 months of the membership, we’ll be doing the legal version of this – making sure you have all the basics in place to protect yourself and stay legally compliant.

  • Month 1: Setting up your business with a corporation or LLC
  • Month 2: Creating client agreements
  • Month 3: Understanding Insurance


Then, blend the ingredients until smooth.

Since blending is all about combining things, the next 3 months of the membership will be about a combination of 3 legal topics you can’t afford to ignore if you’re doing business online.

  • Month 4: The legal side of the Internet  (website agreements & website laws)
  • Month 5: Trademarks (protecting your branding so you stand out in the crowded online space)
  • Month 6: Copyrights (protecting  your content & creative works from being copied & shared without payment)


Next,  pour your drink and watch as  amazing coconut-y, pineapple-y goodness flows from the blender into a glass – or even better, a coconut shell! 

You’ll be getting ready to flow into amazing things yourself in these next 3 months of the membership. We’ll cover the legal issues you should consider as you become more seasoned as an entrepreneur. 

  • Month 7: The legal side of marketing & improving visibility
  • Month 8: Adding team members
  • Month 9: Creating passive income streams


Get ready to serve your drink by adding a garnish to enhance its visual appeal.

We’ll wrap up year one by tackling topics that’ll enhance your legal know-how. These next three months are intended to help you plan for what’s to come as you look to the future.

  • Month 10: Adding an in-person component to your services
  • Month 11: Emergency prodecures & succession planning
  • Month 12: Practical skills series (covering topics like choosing a lawyer, negotiating 101, relocating states, & taking leaves from your business)

Continue your membership after year one to keep access to these materials and explore our other resources as you choose. 

While our membership is designed to improve your legal knowledge and make it easy for you to DIY the types of legal issues that can be handled this way, it isn’t a substitute for getting legal advice.

We’re just bridging the gap between where you are (an entrepreneur who’s just starting out and doesn’t have the capacity to hire legal counsel) and where it’s best for you to be (an entrepreneur with a thriving business who is represented by a competent, capable, and strategic attorney).

And as a member, you’ll get the confidence to DIY with a guided experience that explains what you should be doing (and why) step-by-step.


Plus, Unlock Savings On Our Digital Products That Are Only Available To Our Members

Sign Up Today For ExclusiveDiscounts

When you need to put what you’ve learned into practice or deepen your learning about a certain topic, the products in The Legal CantinaSM Online Store have got you covered!

Active members enjoy an evergreen 30% discount on things like:

Contract Templates

Build solid business relationships by using attorney-drafted contract templates you can customize for your business.

Checklists & Guides

Time is precious, so get a quick run-down of the important things to know about a legal issue with these tools.

Full-Length Courses

Take a self-paced course on a legal topic to boost your knowledge and increase your confidence about biz law.

Oh, And We've Got Even More Bonuses

Tools to Make Your Life Easier

We love simplifying legal stuff and melting your stress away. That’s why we’ve added these gems to our membership.

Peep Our Legal Dictionary

Bumped into some weird legal mumbo-jumbo? Want to know what this mess means? We got you! Our plain English legal dictionary has hundreds of definitions for common business law words and concepts. We explain each term in simple language that any entrepreneur can understand so you can quickly find the clarity you need to get back on track.

Join Us For Happy Hour

Self-paced learning is great, but there's nothing like getting answers to your actual legal questions. So whenever we receive up to 10 questions from our members, we'll host our version of a Happy Hour - which is a fun & engaging legal Q&A session. We won't be pouring libations for these virtual events, but you're welcome to BYOB & indulge if you like!

Your Membership Investment

$100.00 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Like all of the content sold under The CoCo SuiteSM brand, the Piña CoLAWdaSM Membership is intended for use by service-based entrepreneurs in the US who run online businesses. That includes people like graphic designers, coaches, lawyers, bookkeepers, copywriters, branding consultants, social media managers, and similar folks.

While we’ve got love for all entrepreneurs, our materials are not a one-size-fits-all for every business type. So if you’re a service provider but you don’t actually deliver your services online (like a nail tech or a plumber) or if you run an online business but you don’t provide services (like an e-commerce store), you should pass on the membership.

Once you enroll in the membership, we’ll cover new content each month the way it’s been laid out on this page. The material will be pre-recorded videos as well as written resources (help articles, checklists, and quizzes), so you don’t have to worry about setting reminders to show up for live classes. You’ll be guided by weekly lessons and tasks to complete, although you don’t have to strictly follow the calendar we set. Learn at your own pace and at your own schedule – it’s ok if it takes you a little longer to get through things or if you have to go over the material more than once. 

When you have questions, be sure to submit them through the membership portal so that we can host a Happy Hour to bring the clarity you’re looking for.

Our Happy Hours are virtual legal question and answer sessions that are scheduled on demand – meaning that we don’t set dates for them in advance. These sessions are hosted by Attorney Faith Mitton, the same person who creates all the material for the membership.

Whenever we receive a minimum of 10 questions from our members via the membership portal, a Happy Hour will be scheduled to answer those questions (with a max of 2 Happy Hours per month). When we say a minimum of 10 questions from our members, we don’t mean that each member needs to submit 10 questions because that would be bonkers. We mean that once we’ve gotten at least 10 questions in total from our members, regardless of how many people have submitted them, it’s Happy Hour time. So the more questions you ask (and the more you encourage your biz besties to join the membership and ask questions), the faster we can get to scheduling a Happy Hour!

Happy Hours will be recorded and uploaded to the membership portal, so members can go back and re-watch at their convenience.

The most important thing for you to know about Happy Hours is that the answers provided will NOT be legal advice. In fact, there may be some questions that we cannot answer because it crosses the line from giving legal information into giving legal advice. In some cases, we might rephrase a question to make it less specific to a particular situation so that we can provide general information about a related topic.


Legal information refers to information about the law and legal systems in general. You can typically get legal information online (through blogs, podcasts, and the like), through seminars and courses, or through brief conversations with attorneys. Legal information is meant to help you understand legal concepts better, but it is no substitute for legal advice; so if you rely on legal information to resolve a legal issue you’re having, you do so at your own risk. All of the content in the membership is legal information.

Legal advice refers to the application of the law to specific factual scenarios. Legal advice should only be given within the context of an attorney-client relationship. Legal advice is NOT available to members through the membership.

Look at you busy bee! Kudos to you for being gung-ho about getting on top of everything NOW instead of over the course of a year. If you would like to get all of the content sold as one packge, email us at to request it. We’ll explain pricing and procedures for this by email.

Nope, not at all. We believe in total transparency over here, so it’s important for you to know that there’s only so much that a resource like our membership can cover.

While we’re completely commited to continuously updating our materials and adding new content to be responsive to our member’s needs (and do tell us about stuff you’d like us to address!), we recognize that we won’t be able to solve every legal issue for you.

And that’s kind of the point of this whole business. We provide temporary solutions to help build your legal foundation until you’re in a position to work with your own attorney 1:1. Enrolling in the membership definitely doesn’t make us your attorney. More on this in the next FAQ.

That’s a nope too. 

Although all the content in the membership is created by an attorney (Faith Mitton, our founder), enrolling in The Piña CoLAWdaSM Membership does not make you Faith’s client. The only way to create an attorney-client relationship with Faith is to seek services from her law firm and complete her firm’s process for client-onboarding

Full stop.

You’ll be billed every 30 days for the membership. We’ll ask you to keep a card of file with us for billing purposes.

Nope, but we think you’ll get the most out of the membership if you subscribe for at least a year. We drip content to you monthly to make things more manageable because we know how easy it is to get lost in all of this stuff. 

If you cancel the membership before the first full year is complete, you’ll miss out on important topics.

As with the products we sell in The Legal CantinaSM  Online Store, membership fees are refundable within 14 days of being charged. We want to make it easy for you to get your money back if you’re not happy with the membership for any reason – although we’re absolutely sure you’ll love it! 

We’ll reference our digital products from time-to-time during the membership when we think they will help you to complete a task in our lessons. But purchasing them isn’t required if you’d rather go about completing the task another way. We didn’t include them in the cost of the membership because doing that would make the membership way too expensive to be useful to new entrepreneurs. 

But members who have an active monthly subscription have a 30% discount to purchase our products as long as their membership is active. These discounted products are only available through the membership portal.

We don’t advise it. Our materials are prepared based on United States law, and we do not consider the laws of other countries at all.

Join The Piña CoLAWdaSM Membership Today And Bid Adieu To The Stress Of DIY-ing Legal Stuff Without Guidance And Support

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