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Thank you for visiting my website! I’m Faith Mitton, and I’m so happy that you’re here!

Lemme tell you a little about myself. After graduating from Harvard Law School and passing the bar exam in New York, I went on a quest to find myself as a lawyer because I was totally committed to practicing law on my own terms. I worked in a bunch of different places my first few years as an attorney, trying to find my good fit.

But in that process, I got so fed up with the stuffy, unrelatable way that most lawyers do their jobs that I opened my own legal practice to be the total opposite of the “typical” law firm – which you can learn more about here. (BTW, this website is NOT owned or operated by a law firm…more on this in my disclaimer.) Starting my firm allowed me to practice law in a way that fed my soul.

My mission, my purpose, is to give entrepreneurs the solutions they need to protect their amazing businesses – without drowning them in lawyer  gibberish.

I think dealing with the legal side of running a business DOESN’T have to be anxiety-inducing or confusing – in fact, it can actually be enjoyable!

I Make Legal DIY-ing As Stress-Free
As A Day At The Beach

I focus on helping service-based online business owners because I’m one too, & I know how hard it is when you’re just getting started.

In my early days as an entrepreneur, I bootstrapped everything. I quit a job I hated (probably way sooner than I should have, but I digress) and hopped right into entrepreneurship. But I completely understimated ALL THE THINGS I’d need to do to manage a fully functioning business…and how expensive it would all be.

Because I couldn’t afford to hire help at the time, I learned how to do a lot of things on my own with resources other entrepreneurs made and sold. Shoutout to all the folks who helped me hop off the struggle bus and who are helping others do the same thing!

Since I’m a business lawyer, I didn’t have to worry about figuring out the legal part of my business set-up. But I know that most entrepreneurs don’t have this luxury and that hiring an attorney isn’t always a viable option. And although working with a lawyer is the best way to handle your legal issues, it isn’t the only way.

That’s why I created The CoCo SuiteSM: to give new service-based online business owners affordable tools to make sure they’re legally legit so that they can pursue their own version of fulfillment and abundance. I hope the resources you find here will help you!

Love and Peace,

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