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The CoCo SuiteSM makes it easy for service-based online businesses to handle legal issues — without hiring a lawyer.

Bid Adieu to Legal Stress

For so many entrepreneurs who are creating the business & lifestyle of their dreams, dealing with the legal side of things is a nightmare.

Not only is this stuff super confusing, but just talking to a lawyer to get things straight can get crazy expensive – let alone hiring one!

It’s so easy to get frustrated and feel overwhelmed. Even though you know it’s important for you to learn how all this stuff works, it’s stressing you out and you’d rather not think about it.

You’re juggling a million and one things all at once trying to get your business off the ground, and you just wish there was a simple way to protect yourself legally without breaking the bank.

You've Come To The Right Place

Working with an attorney is the ideal way to take care of your legal issues, but it isn’t the only way. Sometimes, hiring a lawyer just isn’t in your budget. And that’s okay!

Not being able to hire a lawyer is not a death sentence for your business. And it doesn’t mean that you have to spend countless hours scouring the internet for answers to legal questions, instead of doing other things that bring you peace or profit.

But it also doesn’t mean you should stick your head in the sand and hope for the best. Ignoring your legal needs until you can afford to hire a lawyer is a pretty risky and dangerous thing to do – because you’d be leaving yourself exposed.

With the right support and information, you can build a solid legal foundation for your business on your own.

From Hot Mess To Oh Yes!

Welcome to The CoCo SuiteSM! In our little corner of the internet, you’ll find budget-friendly, easy-to-understand resources to help you DIY your legal stuff.

Each item in our suite of products has been designed to have you feeling as stress-free as if you were on the sandy shores of a tropical paradise, sipping your desired beverage out of a coconut shell.

Contract Templates

Build solid business relationships by using attorney-drafted contract templates you can customize for your business.

Full-Length Courses

Take a self-paced course on a legal topic to boost your knowledge and increase your confidence about business law.

Checklists & Guides

Time is precious, so get a quick run-down of the important things to know about a legal issue with these tools.

The Brains Behind The Brand

Hey! I’m Faith Mitton, and I’m an attorney on a mission to simplify legal stuff for as many entrepreneurs as I can.

I think every entrepreneur should have their own lawyer to work with 1:1, but I know that’s not always possible.

My goal is teach you the key legal concepts you’ll need to know to make informed decisions about how to protect your business – even if retaining a lawyer isn’t an expense you can take on right now.

So whether you’re getting ready to set-up your business for the first time, bring on new clients, or sell digital products, you’ll find budget-friendly resources here that you can use to protect yourself legally.

I promise there’s no legal gibberish – just the stuff you need to know presented in a way you can easily understand.

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